KMR Enterprises Inc.


Q: Will metal roofing cost more than shingles?
A: Metal roofing can be similarly priced to shingles for an exposed fastener panel, but you can typically expect to pay about 3 times as much for a standing seam roof panel. Although the upfront cost is higher, you must consider the fact that the metal roof will last longer and will more than likely reduce your cooling costs.

Q: What sizes are metal roofs available in?
A: The width is typically between 12 and 20 inches. As for length, we can make customized roof panels from 4 inch pitch pockets, up to 200 foot long continuous panels which are fabricated on-site using rollforming equipment.

Q: What is the lead time for a typical project?
A: For small residential projects, we could have the job completed in as little as one week from the time we get a contract.
For commercial projects – our time frame is typically as follows:

  1. 2 weeks to complete shop drawings
  2. 1 week for architect review
  3. 4 weeks to acquire materials, field measure and resubmit corrections to drawings
  4. 2 weeks to fabricate, package and deliver material

Occasionally, there are ways we can cut down on these timeframes, but to be safe, you should allow yourself 9 to 10 weeks from the time you sign a contract.

Q: What is the thickness of a composite panel system?
A: Wet joint is typically 1.5 inches while a Dry joint is typically 2 inches, but this can vary.

Q: What colors do your panels come in?
A: We have approximately 35 standard colors of metal roofing with custom colors available at an additional charge. The aluminum composite panels are somewhat more limited, however there are special “program colors” for National accounts, such as auto manufacturers that are readily available.

Q: Are your panels resistant to high winds?
A: All of our products can be designed to meet or exceed the most stringent insurance requirements and building codes in the country.

Q: What if I get a leak?
A: We typically provide a one year workmanship and 20 year material warranty free of charge, but we also offer No Dollar Limit extended warranties up to 20 years from the installation date. We have found that after one year, if there is a leak, it is due to a lack of maintenance such as gutters that are full of debris. KMR can also offer maintenance and repair service as well.

Q: Do you have references?
A: Of course, we have many. Simply let us know what type of job you are considering and we will send a list that is pertinent to your type of project and geographic location.